3A is an advertising agency , with an area of 2.500m² which is located in Bursa, one of the industrial cities of Turkey. The idea was to design a workplace that allows for maximum personal creative-space beside encouraging community and communication. While fading out the lines between the different sections of the office , we have created  personal rooms in order to release people’s creative expression.

On one hand the open space concept not only allows but invites employees and guests to shape and inspirit the room that is given. On the other hand the new office of 3A is a place for self-determined work – empowering everyone to use the space individually. Beyond all openness, communication and exchange it was imperative to grant everyone his own area, so the feeling of belonging does not get lost in the space. Meeting rooms have been designed with an airy atmosphere in order to spark communication between co-workers.

In the end the renewed office space of 3A/BURSA reflects personality, style and the flair of a creative community.

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