Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Administration Building and Patrol Police Headquarters was designed to be near the Kakheti highway, between Tbilisi International Airport and the city center. Not only it is an official building, but also a landmark for Tbilisi and Georgia. The building is located on a 49,652 m2 plot, consisting of a 3580 m2 curvy ground area, and has four floors consisting of a basement, the ground level, and two additional floors. The total area of the main building is 10,579 m2. The building is located towards the middle of the plot, closer to the highway. The front yard is designed as a plaza with a 30 cm deep, 1,000 m2 pool. The pool reflects the image of the building symmetrically. The building’s surrounding is dug out to let the structure rise out, and a bridge leads into the façade acting as a VIP entrance. The bridge reaches the building through a grassy slope. Through the bridge, high ranking government officials and other VIPs gain direct entrance to the ground level.

On the other side of the site, at the north, there is an open parking lot for civilians and visitors, and a helipad. All the civilian entries, with vehicles or on foot, are made from this point. Visitors follow the stairs in a 50 m incline surrounded by grass and trees to enter the basement of the building. This separates the VIP and civilian entries. A service road for fire trucks and ambulances comes from the highway and the western side of the plot, and reaches the main building in located lower (-4.80 elevation). The -4.80 elevation is surrounded by a retaining wall, to which a mechanical block whose northeastern front rests. This block’s other three fronts and roof is underground, and it has an area of 1164 m2. A 148 m2 transformer building is artificially turned into a grassy hill at the northern parking lot and green space of the complex. At the entrance of the site, flags of Georgia and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia stand amidst the green space and its surrounding refuge, perceivable by passersby. In the project, the outdoor stairs and the pool are all exposed concrete. Retaining walls are made up of 60×60 cm concrete blocks. The surroundings of the official building are emphasized by two rows of 15 trees at the green space at the south front (Kakheti Highway side).

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