Detached house (villa) located in Mehrshahr, Karaj
Services Provided: exterior design (facade, garden and greenery, parking space), interior design

garden design and execution
the detached house (villa) located at Mehrshahr’s 212th east street, was built in 1994 in 500 square meter ground with an infrastucture area of 300 square meters. Although the house is located in a large and green garden the use of small windows limited the connection with outside. Thus physical and visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces was considered as the main design criteria. Towards this end the walls facing the back yard where demolished and replaced with large human sized windows. through this change the connection between the inner most spaces of the house and the back yard is preserved.
‌Brick and Thermowood was used as the base materials for the modern exterior design with flower boxes used as a way to bond the exterior design with nature and give a sense of fresshness and livelyhood to the house.
Beside the exterior renovation, the dining area, kitchen and roofs where modified to comply with the houses new and modern design.
The garden and parking designs where considered as complementary goals to bestow  resplendancy on the overal appearance and display of the house .

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