The property is ideally located in the immediate vicinity of the town center of Antalya, Turkey.
The three levels of the building are clearly divided, and assigned to each is a private outdoor area. The entrance of the house is located at street level and creates a spacious yard and entrance situation. On this level, guests and children are accommodated with a football field to run around right in front of the rooms. Inside, a remarkably beautiful solid wood staircase leads up to the next floor, which represents the living level with dining, cooking, living area. The long bar of the pool stretches the building through the property and its frame outlines the space. The pool ends with a beautiful sandstone wall which functions as a protection of privacy and comfort.

The next floor serves as a retreat for the parents, containing an office and a roof terrace equipped with Jacuzzi, which shows a beautiful view. Inside, a void above the library, which is the heart of the middle floor, brings lightness, openness and light into the building. Enchanting views through the glazed airspace underline the simple elegance of the building, equally does the glazed fireplace which is a central feature of the living area.

living space: 341 m²

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